It’s been almost six months since I updated this blog. That is way too long. Unsurprisingly, working a full time job is exhausting. Not even physically—although sometimes after I’ve been standing for eight hours straight it can be that too—but mentally. By the time I get home from work, even if I’m working a morning shift and usually home by 4pm, I mostly just want to curl up on the couch, eat something, and watch some TV. Which, combined with some unavoidable happenings of life (see: moving), is exactly how six whole months slipped away from me. So yeah, whoops!

Even though I’ve been thinking about stories, turning them over in my head, working on them in the ways that doesn’t produce any actual words… my brain has been too tired to string stories together. I have dozens of small pieces of scrap paper from work with my teeny-tiny “I really don’t want someone to read this over my shoulder” handwriting on them. Those are the only actual pieces of anything I’ve produced in months and months. There are schemes and plans in the works that I hope will change this. It would be nice to have some of my brain-space back for creative purposes.

In addition to the fictional things I hope to start creating again, there are a couple of things in the works for this blog already. One book review will go up tomorrow and another two should follow in late September, possibly through the beginning of October. I have two thinky-type pieces in the works as well, which should keep me going through mid-October. And then of course NaNoWriMo will start in November and I hope to have plenty to say about that too.

So! That’s what you can look forward to here in the next few months.


About Sky

I'm a: 20-something, fantasy writer, deep thought thinker, sometime knitter, bookstore browser, amateur cook, journaler, cat owner, cheap wine connoisseur, ancient and medieval history lover, occasional philosopher, avid reader, museum wanderer.
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