Why you should be excited for Star Trek Beyond.

The trailer for Star Trek Beyond hit the internet this morning, and I’ve already seen reactions ranging from the ecstatic to the underwhelmed. But I am here to tell you that Star Trek Beyond looks amazing and perfect and why you should be looking forward to this movie just as much as I am.

I grew up watching The Next Generation with my grandfather whenever I visited him and my grandmother. When Star Trek: First Contact came out I was 6, and I declared that I was absolutely old enough to see it in theaters—a declaration which I regretted, since (spoilers) after the Borg peeled Data’s face off, I spent the rest of movie crouched on my chair facing the back of the theater, watching the light come out of the projector. I’ve seen scattered episodes of The Original Series—which I like the philosophy behind but generally find just slightly too campy to actually subject my eyeballs to—the first three seasons of Deep Space Nine, none of the original movies and both of the new ones.

What was the best part of any of these? Well, for me (and I suspect for a number of you out there) the most interesting and exciting parts of any of the Star Trek franchises was when the away team went down to the new planet and interacted with a new alien species. Yes, the crew interactions on the Enterprise (or DS9) were interesting too, and yes the character arcs helped the stories along, and I like all those things just fine. And don’t get me wrong; the new Star Trek movies are some of my favorite movies. But I find them lacking in the diversity department. To me, at its core, the Star Trek series has always been about exploration and pushing past our furthest limits—whether those limits are of space or of our minds.

Now watch this trailer.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I noticed is the sheer number of aliens in the new trailer. And it seems like the crew will be stranded on an alien planet for at least part of the film. How is this not the most exciting Star Trek trailer you’ve seen in forever? Does this not swell your chest with nostalgia? I can’t quite articulate how excited I am for this movie. I love the new cast, and their portrayals of the characters, and I think they have potential we likely haven’t seen yet. And since Simon Pegg is one of the writers of the screenplay for this movie, I’m hoping that means better decisions made about diversity for this movie.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be exploring new worlds, meeting new alien races. Star Trek Beyond promises to do what Star Trek does best: they will boldly go where no man has gone before.


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