New Year’s Eve

Tonight is the last night of 2015, and at midnight all of our calendars will tick over into 2016. Tomorrow I have a post about my resolutions and hopes and aspirations for the coming year, but for tonight, I’m looking backwards.

Like any year, 2015 had its ups and downs. Sure, some of those ups were really amazing, but at the same time some of those downs were really dark spots in an otherwise pretty great year. But I got through them—we got through them—through whatever means necessary. I don’t always feel strong or competent or any of the things I want to be, but we can look back at times moments like this and see: I am all the things I need to be, all the things I want to be. How do I know this? Because I got through, and now here I am.

Lest you think otherwise, let me tell you that 2015 was also a really great year for me. I met someone really amazing, someone who has changed my life, enriched my life, given me so many great things to look back at—and so many great things to look forward to.

It’s true that I didn’t accomplish much creatively, so I have that to look forward to as well.

So yes, 2015 was something of a mixed bag. But it was a good mixed bag. At at the risk of pointing out the obvious, I couldn’t possibly be who I am, where I am, or with who I’m with, without every mixed blessing that 2015 gave me.

So, thank you, 2015. And bring it on, 2016.


About Sky

I'm a: 20-something, fantasy writer, deep thought thinker, sometime knitter, bookstore browser, amateur cook, journaler, cat owner, cheap wine connoisseur, ancient and medieval history lover, occasional philosopher, avid reader, museum wanderer.
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